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In Romania there are about four hundred species of birds, some of them sedentary, others migratory.
Romania is crossed by several migration corridors. During the great migrations of autumn-spring, or spring-summer seasons, one may observe tens of species, in their known places, in immense populations of hundreds of thousands specimens. This is the case of the wild goose: 3 - 4 species, which migrate from the North European or Asian in compact groups including sometimes rare wildfowl species such as red breated goose (Branta ruficollis) or the polar goose (Anser coerulescens).
Birds Watching
In the years 1978 and 1980 our specialists accompanied ornithologists from the Waterfowl Trust and Slimbridge, who had come together with the founder of the British Research Station (Sir Peter Scott) to make a census of the wild goose spending winter in Romania (see photo).
The Danube Delta and the adjoining laguna regions represent another special attraction for ornithologist observations of the waterfowl and on limicolous. The Danube Delta houses the largest pelican colony of Europe and more than half of the world population of pygmy cormorant.
The mixed colonies where great white heron and little egret hatch next to cormorants, grey stork, night stork and purple stork, may be places of very interesting observations by amateur or professional ornithologists.
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